Rise Dance Crew Wows Judges With Unforgettable Audition After Overcoming Adversity

In an unforgettable audition from Britain’s Got Talent, the Rise dance crew wows the judges with their performance. But first, they share the heart-wrenching story of one of their members, Holly, and the adversity she worked so hard to overcome.

At the start of this video, there is a group of girls wearing t-shirts that say hope, strength, and peace. The oldest of the Rise dance crew, the choreographer, introduces Holly who is in a wheelchair.

This young girl was in the Manchester bombing at a concert. In an interview, Holly’s mom shares that she gifted her daughter with tickets to the concert. She, Holly, and Holly’s aunt went to the event. 

Unfortunately, Holly’s aunt passed away in the explosion of a bomb, and Holly was injured. Holly has been through so much with nerve damage in her left leg and she has had eleven operations.

Sweet Holly wanted to go back to dancing, but her doctors did not know when or if that would ever be possible for her. The team created a routine to make her dream come true. Rise Dance Crew On Britain’s Got Talent.

One judge asks how it feels to be back in Manchester and Holly tears up and responds that this is the first time she has been in a large room similar to an arena. As the girls dance, Holly is front and center dancing from her wheelchair.

Each move of the other dancers has a complimentary movement for Holly to do. Every girl has a wheelchair that they use during the performance. The judges tear up and smile during the Rise dance crew audition and end with a standing ovation. 

This audition is unlike anything I have ever seen, it is such an inspiration. Just like Holly conquered her fears and succeeded, we too are more than conquerors in Christ. He is our hope.