John Denver’s First Big Hit, “Country Roads” on Slide Guitar Neck

It’s no secret that there are many guitarists on the Internet these days. However, in this crowded field, one talented guitarist – Luca Stricagnoli – was especially recognized and stood out. This 29-year-old artist was noticed and recognized for being true to himself.

The Italian virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist started playing the guitar at a young age and practiced playing the guitar until he was 16 years old. Recently, the fantastic acoustic guitarist showcased his unique talent on Reversed Slide Neck and played John Denver’s Country Roads.

The acoustic guitarist is especially famous for his innovative playing technique and his unique and distinctive style simply awes the audience. Luca dedicated his performance to Faith Smith, a little girl he met by chance while on tour. He had met the school girl in the workshop and was very inspired by her.

Luca also collaborated with Davide Serrasini, and was able to design a guitar called the Reverse Slide Neck. It was completely changed and had a fixed slide that moved in conjunction with two string meteors. The neck simply attached to the guitar with a magnet.

This gave Luka a new and wide opportunity to play at the same time and helped him to play 4 different tunes – melodies, slats, drums and also bass. On guitar in Country Roads, John Denver’s masterpiece, he felt calm and peaceful and was able to comfort and support all his listeners.

The performance began with Luca sitting in a chair holding his Reverse Slide Neck guitar. He looked extremely confident and busy, just like Guitar-God. The beautiful and unique melody he played was different and surprising.

His impressive art was quite smooth and easy to understand. Luka can be considered one of the best and most recognized guitarists in the world. His rendition of “Country Roads” is one of the most incredible and amazing renditions of the song ever.