77-year-old singer electrifies the crowd with his unique voice on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’… ?VIDEO

Britain’s Got Talent features a wide variety of artists from various age groups. From children to the elderly, BGT is full of amazing talent. Mel Day is another great example. This is a 77-year-old singer trying to sing Wilson Pickett’s classic “Land of 1000 Dances”. Mel’s style is impressive. He was wearing a burgundy suit with a purple shirt and vest. As soon as the song starts, he starts moving and dancing. Spectators immediately rise to their feet, moving forward.

BGT hosts Ant and Dec have fun backstage imitating the sound of the French horn in tune. Mel is a natural person who looks very comfortable on stage and his voice is booming and full of soul. Judge Alyosha Dixon tells Mel: “When you have a soul like that, it never leaves you!” there’s so much more to give, baby!” Judge David Walliams says, “I want your baby!” The audience burst into laughter.

Simon Cowell gets a little more serious, saying, “I’m sorry you just don’t get on this stage at 77 and sing like that. You must have wanted to be a singer when you were younger.” Mel tells him that he has been disappointed many times.