5 young boys’ dance captures over 1.6M hearts and turns judges to TEARS… ?VIDEO

Toby-Jay, Ollie, Joey, Bo and Adam are 5 star boys. Together they stand on the stage with the message that the boys can dance. The boys are between ten and twelve years old and exude a classic ’90s boy band feel with their flashy faces and blue and white jackets. The boys came from all over the UK. At a dance convention in Birmingham, they became friends and eventually teamed up. The initial interview with Simon revealed their intentions.

Bo, 12, told the four judges, “It’s not always easy for us.” Then 11-year-old Toby added: “We kind of just say to ourselves, ‘We know we’re better than them,’ but the boys can dance if they want to, it won’t affect anyone else and they’re just people who are jealous of you.” . The boys made the spectators and judges nod approvingly.

Their performance hit all the right senses with a mixture of interpretation, gymnastics and ballet. Dancing to “You Will Be Found” from the popular musical “Dear Evan Hansen”, the guys raised the entire audience of the London Palladium to their feet. The four judges, Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alyosha Dixon, did try to hide their emotions.