Amazing kids dance group!!! Their dance is fantastic…

“Dance movement therapy helps a person integrate emotional and physical experience. This method allows you to learn to understand your emotions, to understand how they manifest themselves bodily.”mIt is an excellent tool for exploring topics related to communication, self-esteem, parent-child relationships, emotional sensitivity, psychosomatics, etc. In addition, TDT allows you to connect deeper with the body, gain more subtle bodily sensitivity and develop emotional intelligence.

Dance appears here not as a stage art, but as an instrument with the help of which any movement is manifested. Therefore, it is important for a dance movement therapist to have rich motor experience, to be familiar with various dance styles (it is important not so much to know them perfectly as to understand how such emotions can be conveyed by the dance style and which muscle groups are involved in a particular movement). A dance movement therapist must have a rich media library, props, stationery and, of course, the desire to dance and perceive life through the structure of movements!

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Amazing kids dance group!!! Their dance is fantastic…
The judges were blown away by Sign Along With Us. They are fantastic!!!