3-year-old babies’ incredible performance… They are so cute.

Many mothers and fathers today are sure: the more their child can do, the more successful he will be in life. The more successful this very life will be. Children are taught almost from the cradle to read, draw, music, danceā€¦ All this is very good and very beautiful when children dance, draw, read, but not everyone is able to master such a load and a list of activities. And even the point is not so much in the load (although it must be selected taking into account the characteristics of each child), but in the fact that one kid will have both a craving for dancing and talent. And the second, no matter how you teach him or force him, nothing will come of it at all.

And what do classical psychologists say about this? And what do systems psychologists think? Do they give a clear answer to the parent, should children be taught to dance, and if so, who exactly? Undoubtedly, dance is art, creativity, beauty. When children dance, the soul of the parents rejoices – it is so sweet and sincere for the kids. In addition, children who dance well are flexible, plastic, all their movements look much easier than adults. But can dance be a way of self-expression for all kids? No. Think of a child you’ve always met: strong, slightly clumsy, slow, clumsy, calm and reasonable. This is the best mother’s helper, a golden child, clean and a true friend to his comrade.