93 year old model leads an active life. She feels even younger than all the younger people!

You won’t believe it but the beautiful lady in these pictures is 93 years old! Yes, exactly 93! Her name is Buddy Winkle. She leads an active life and is an Instagram celebrity.

Of course, it’s hard to believe ‘cause for all of us, 93-year-old grandmothers should always stay at home, enjoy their old age and babysit the grandchildren. But, apparently, modern grandmothers do not think so at all. Buddy in a short time became the star of the network. She is very bright and energetic. Her nickname on the net is Grandmother-lighter!

Her name on birth was Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle. But because it was too long Helen decided to have a more memorable name so eventually, she turned into Buddy Winkle. Buddy is residing in the United States but nowadays, because of her uniqueness, she is known almost all over the world.

She is always up to date with all fashion trends and has been a real star of the network for several years. Buddy is running her own Instagram page where she actively shares her beautiful pictures. She publishes her own pictures in fashionable and even extravagant clothes and bright makeup. Buddy is absolutely shy-less about her age and just enjoys it.

Recently she posted new pictures on her page showing her in revealing clothes. Fans got surprised about these pictures but, to be honest, this is a quite in her style. The fans wrote that she was a real beauty and that she could calmly give odds to any 18-year-old young girl. “An amazing woman,” they wrote. Now it is clear that the fans love Buddy very much and support her by all means. Indeed, she is a very interesting and bright woman enjoying her life and now following any standards.

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93 year old model leads an active life. She feels even younger than all the younger people!
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