In a 23-year-old girl married a 68-year-old

The difference between this couple from Canada is almost half a century. Such a big difference has not stopped the lovers from building a strong family. And recently the couple had a baby boy. Stephanie and Don, that’s the couple’s name, are absolutely happy. They are not hindered by the judgment and misunderstanding of others.

The couple met four years ago. At the time Stephanie was working at a bar in British Columbia. During the conversation it became clear that the new acquaintances had something in common. Don’s son from his first marriage went to the same school as Stephanie.

Today Don is 69 years old. But the man looks much younger than his years. And as he admits, he feels like he’s in his 30s. Don seems to have had a second wind with the arrival of his young wife and young son.

From the very first seconds of meeting Don and Stephanie were interested in each other, there was chemistry between them. Their relationship developed quite rapidly. When Don walked her home after work one night, he decided to ask her out on a real date. And very soon they were on their way together for the wedding.

A complete family.
Stephanie and Don’s union did not excite any of their relatives. They were not supported until they learned the couple was expecting a child. After that news, relatives stopped doubting their relationship. The birth of their son, named Lachlan, reunited the relatives and made everyone around them happier.

Negative Reaction
But the problem of understanding relatives was not the only one. After coping and convincing their relatives, the couple met with the disapproval of mere strangers. The couple in love are not shy about their feelings and show them on the street, just like regular lovers do. However, it is hard for others to see them as a couple in love, they just seem like grandpa and granddaughter.

Despite the changes in modern society, many people still think in old ways and do not understand such relationships. When people see such couples, they immediately accuse the girl of being mercenary, thinking that she needs such a man only for profit.

The right reaction
But such stereotypical thinking is not always right. After all, Pushkin rightly wrote that all ages are submissive to love. No matter what age a man is, he will always look for love and care.

Don understood that they might be judged and was embarrassed to show his feelings. Stephanie constantly tried to hold his hand or kiss him in public. But Don constantly resisted. But love took over, and Don gave in.

Fears for the future
The couple is well aware of all the negative aspects of their union. Already now they are thinking about the fact that when their little son Lachlan grows up, Don is unlikely to be in good shape and will not be able to be a full-fledged father to his son. The couple takes lots of pictures and videos of the child together. They want their son to know in the future that his father loved him and was proud of him.