24 Ballerinas score 1st place with BEAUTIFUL optical illusion routine… 🎥VIDEO

Dance is the oldest art form that people have. Even today the practice is evolving and changing. Now the beauty and complexity of some of the exercises is simply stunning. Each dance tradition has its own idiosyncrasy; this number of a ballerina with flowers is a reminder of the tenderness and grace of ballet! Performed at the YGP, this is not a sloppy school play.

YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) is the world’s largest dance network! Over the years they have established themselves on stage and their popularity and prowess have grown. Every year YAGP holds competitions in the heart of New York. With 1200 promising dancers in the competition, this is no joke! Even though the average age of the dancers is under 15, you wouldn’t know about it if someone didn’t tell you! The skills and discipline that these kids display is just otherworldly.

One performance has over 5 million views on YouTube – and for good reason! The ensemble took the name “Jasmine”, deriving its name from the flower’s prolific mention during a performance. As we shall see, the strong, graceful flower is exactly what these dancers represent during their performance. Running out onto the stage, the ballerinas take their positions as the music begins.

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