Mom of 9 graduates from medical school 20 years after she started… ?VIDEO

Moms can do anything! Sarah Merrill dreamed of becoming a doctor since she was four years old. And she was so happy when she got into the preparatory program at Dartmouth College when she was 17 years old. However, life is not always straight and it always throws a lot of curves. While studying, she met her future husband, married and had a daughter before graduating from Dartmouth. She was determined to continue her studies in medical school right after college.

That’s why she passed the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) while still pregnant with her first daughter. But when her daughter was born, she changed her mind and decided to become a housewife and raise her daughter herself. Moreover, Sarah and her husband decided to expand their family. “In particular, when planning, we did not intend to make a big family, but we did,” said Sarah. “We ended up having four daughters and five sons, and in 12 years we had all nine children.” But she never forgot her dream of becoming a doctor.

While she was raising her nine children, she continued to work in the medical industry, moonlighting as a medical researcher. It wasn’t until her youngest child was two years old that she decided to return to medical school. At first, she thought that maybe she would just get a master’s degree.