Young man pierces hearts singing Elvis’ “Always On My Mind”… 🎥VIDEO

He sings it with such tenderness that he can’t love it anymore. His name is Jørgen Dahl Moe, and yes, he owns that sweet, romantic voice you’re about to hear. This young singer grew up in Andebu near Sandefjord. Mo started singing and writing songs at a very young age and has been playing the guitar since the age of five.

He’s only 25, by the way. This evening The Voice Norway got to know Mo’s talents when he played guitar and sang “Always on My Mind”. Mo took music, dance and drama lessons at Sandefjord Senior High School and also took singing lessons from singing teacher Kristin Vold Nese at the same time.

He was a very active football player at the local Andebu football club. During this time, Mo continued to perform at local concerts and festivals, composing his own music. A man named Wayne Carson wrote the song in 1971. He was helped by friends after being inspired by his wife, who got angry on the phone as he had been away for some time.

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