You will get astonished of this 85-year-old dancer…The judges in Britain’s Got Talent have no words to say

When Sarah Paddy Jones appeared on stage for the first time in her life with her dancing partner Nico Espinosa in the UK, the charming and attractive-looking grandmother was simply the only one who noticed her. Little did they know that Paddy had been involved in classical dance since he was two and a half years old and had taken flamenco and acrobatics classes since her husband’s death.

As they began to dance, Alesha Dixon watched intently as Paddy and Nico opened their mouths wide as the senior dancer walked around the stage. At the same time, Amanda Dixon was laughing out loud at the couple when they were able to make a wonderful and incredible turn. Simon Cowell looked at his mouth and incredibly, when the dancing grandmother was able to visually record every success and look at the whole audience, she seemed to be saying: “I can still get it all.”

David Williams also joined the other judges in surprise and admiration, as he was left alone by one of the members of the council, who seemed to be dancing to make them laugh and shout enthusiastically. After the duo performed, the only person who left the judges and the audience was applauding loudly and loudly.

The following video shows Nico and Paddy demonstrating all of their amazing acrobatic and amazing dance skills to Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin’s song “She Bangs.” Getting a one-time ovulation from the judges.

All the performances of Paddy Jones include the fact that he is not a pony with one trick, but just a very experienced dancer. His movements and talents have evolved so much over time that he has been named one of the oldest guinea pig dancers in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Below we present that video. From all the performances made by the iconic dancing duo Paddy and Nico, who over the years have managed to impress the British Got Talent judges and the whole audience many times.

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You will get astonished of this 85-year-old dancer…The judges in Britain’s Got Talent have no words to say
Delightful interpretation. This song is always very enjoyable to hear… ?VIDEO