You poked my heart! Adorable boy’s reaction during argument…

You Poke My Heart. Toddler’s hilarious and dramatic overreaction as he paddles with his little friends due to the weather. A little boy and twin girls are arguing about whether it is raining or drizzling. Both sides refuse to back down and yell at each other for two minutes. It all starts with an adorable blond boy telling the room that it’s “splattering” outside.

“No, it’s raining,” one of the girls in matching green T-shirts and striped leggings replies. It escalates quickly. “No, Mom told me it was splatter,” he moans. “No, Mom said it’s raining,” she barks, getting hotter and hotter. She lightly pokes him in the face, to which he yells, “Ow!” But the fight continues. The girl’s twin begs her to apologize for poking him, but then also joins the “rain” gang as the boy gets more and more frustrated. At one point, he offers a somewhat peculiar argument: “No, you’re pretty.” And you’re not real, I’m real” before returning to “it’s splattering”. Finally, when they aggressively throw themselves into each other’s faces, the girl pokes the boy in the chest – and he falls into a state of shock. “You pierced my heart!” he says, clutching his chest and staring wide-eyed into the distance. “You pierced my heart…” he says again, retreating into the wall.

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You poked my heart! Adorable boy’s reaction during argument…
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