Wonderful Flash Mob Started by one little girl…

Flash mob – a pre-planned mass action in which a large group of people appears in a public place, performs predetermined actions (script) and then disperses. Flash mob is a kind of smart mob. The collection of flash mob participants is carried out using electronic means of communication (mainly the Internet). Mobbers hide in the crowd, sometimes in costumes. One of them includes music, to which a dance has been prepared in advance. Mobbers come out of the crowd in groups of several and start dancing. After the end of the dance, the mobbers again go into the crowd.

The most famous and most massive dance event to date has been the “Thrill the World” event, which took place in 10 countries around the world. In Moscow, the action was held on one of the squares of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. More than three hundred young people, well made up as the walking dead, performed a dance from the video “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. During the month, the participants of the action rehearsed the dance with instructors and video tutorials distributed on social networks. A feature of the Moscow action was the presence of a large number of journalists, spectators and police officers, who previously cordoned off the square. Another type of dance flash mob is Dance Walking around the city.

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Wonderful Flash Mob Started by one little girl…
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