Willie Nelson & daughter duet is a fountain of goosebumps

A famous father leaves big shoes to fill. But Willie Nelson has raised a daughter that is up to the task. Here she has a duet with her dad and they both shine. 

Talent often begets talent. Country music heavyweight Willie Nelson has raised some mighty gifted children, including his daughter Paula Nelson.

When she discovered her passion for music, she never looked back. Next thing you know, here she is with five studio albums released and she even has her own radio show on SiriusXM.

Willie Nelson released an album titled To All The Girls, which includes a duet with his daughter covering ‘Have You Seen the Rain?’ by Creedence Clearwater.

There are no words for the duet, other than “fragile” and “haunting,” perhaps. We can’t help but wonder if part of that comes from the natural dynamic between a father and his child.

Go ahead and give it a listen. You’ll have a hard time listening to it only once. It’s like a smooth wine at twilight that begs to be savored, and then when it’s gone, you suddenly want a little more.

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Willie Nelson & daughter duet is a fountain of goosebumps
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