What an amazing performance. Beautiful dances and traditional costumes…

“Kalinka” is a Russian song written by Ivan Petrovich Larionov in a folk style. Sometimes erroneously considered a folk song. Also “Kalinka” is a folk stage dance performed to the melody of this song. For a long time it was considered a Russian folk song; in fact, the text of the song and the music were written in 1860 by the composer, writer and folklorist Ivan Petrovich Larionov, and the song was first performed on an amateur stage in Saratov in a performance for which he wrote the music. And soon Larionov, at the request of the famous singer and creator of the Agrenev-Slavyansky folk song choir, with whom he was on friendly terms, gave this song to his repertoire. The popularity of “Kalinka” began with the Slavyansky Choir.

The work gained worldwide fame in the processing of the composer and conductor, People’s Artist of the USSR Professor Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov (1883-1946) thanks to the performance of the song abroad by the Alexander Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble. There is a ballroom dance “Kalinka”, based on folk movements. Sometimes “Kalinka” becomes synonymous with improvised Russian dance in general. The musical size is 2/4, the tempo is variable, where traditional techniques of squat dance, round dance and other elements are used. The movements consist of stately movements in a circle with a spread of arms in different directions. There are various dance groups (ensembles) with the name “Kalinka”. “Kalinka-Malinka” is a stylized variety dance. Russian traditional dance is restrained, without ballet elements.

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