Viral video of baby talking to his dad will melt your heart…

The bond between father and son doesn’t have to involve words — chatter will do. Deztin and Shanike Pryor of Clarksville, Tennessee are the proud parents of toddler Kingston who loves to chat. The only thing is he can’t talk yet. But that doesn’t stop a dad from entertaining his chatty son while they watch the final season of FOX’s Empire from their couch. A video posted on Shanieke’s Facebook page shows Deztin chatting with Kingston and he doesn’t miss a beat. They need to work on it, right? Destin asks. Kingston replies with a simple “Yes”. “Yeah, well. But did you get that? he asked. Baby confirms ‘ba’ with a nod, then babbles an obvious question, judging by his inquisitive tone. “Not this one. It’s the big ending,” Dad replies. Then they really get into it when Kingston points dubiously at the screen. “That’s what I was interested in! I don’t know what they’re going to do next season,” Deztin says when Kingston nods and agrees. “Exactly.”

Annoyed by the program, Kingston throws his hands up, raises his eyebrows, and chats with his father, who strongly agrees. “Right, that’s why I’m talking!” Don’t bring it in, you know what I mean? he answers. – Go somewhere else with this. “Yes,” Kingston replies, looking pleased with the conclusion. “Really? That’s what I thought too,” Dad says. “We have a lot in common, right?” The viral video has amassed a staggering 34.6 million views and more than 1 million shares since it was posted on Facebook on Tuesday. Even celebrities can’t get enough of this adorable moment. “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day… I watched it in its entirety in a dad conversation 7 times…,” says YouTuber and Trolls actress Candy Johnson. “I could watch this for an hour,” Captain America himself Chris Evans tweeted.

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