Unbelievable ideas! Make a masterpiece fish tank bunk bed at home for your baby… 🎥VIDEO

Aquariums serve not only as aquatic museum attractions for educational purposes. They are also meant to bring the calming sea into our hectic land life. Designers are always looking for unique ways to incorporate them into the home, as we saw with the aquarium sink. Now it looks like Wade King and Brett Reimer, Animal Planet stars and co-owners of Acrylic Tank.

Manufacturing, have found a new way to add an eye-catching aquarium to their bedroom headboard. A massive reservoir at the head holds about 650 gallons of sea water, and a variety of fish live behind transparent glass. This creates an aesthetically pleasing display as well as a relaxing addition to the bedroom ambience.

As many were quick to point out, it also gives a whole new meaning to “waterbeds” and “sleeping with fish.” To see the Tanked Bed in person, it is currently on display at the entrance to the Sleepland Gallery at Furnitureland South in Jamestown, North Carolina.

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