Two amazing talented 6-year-old kids playing duet on a public street piano…

The sound of an eloquently played piano filled the air in Broadway Plaza, California’s popular open-air shopping district, one day, and everyone fell in love with it. It is unknown who the buyers think made such professional music, but we doubt they could have guessed correctly. Even those who gathered around the source of the masterpiece could not believe their eyes when they saw two 6-year-old children sitting at a public outdoor piano and playing it like it was their second nature.

One of the guys stayed here for more than a minute, delighting the crowd without a single sheet of music. The second child intervened from time to time, adding beautiful harmonies to an already charming song. Their new fans were silent, appreciating the children’s music, but as soon as they finished, they burst into applause – as expected! Watch the breathtaking performance in the video below and don’t forget to share this story.

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