Twin sisters preform absolutely mesmerizing version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ on harps… 🎥VIDEO

Listening to this song played in this way is mesmerizing. Aren’t harps beautiful? They are simply mesmerizing to listen to and so exciting to watch as they are played. But… Have you ever heard of the musical genre Harp Rock? If not, let Camille and Kennerly introduce you to him! Camilla and Kennerly are also known as the Harp Twins. Camille and Kennerly are identical twins who started playing the harp at an early age.

They both received a classical education at universities in playing the harp. They created original songs and performed all over the world. The sisters have stated that they “have a passion and talent for arranging and performing rock, metal, and Harp Duet soundtracks… Camilla and Kennerly have carved a unique niche for themselves: playing rock and metal using just their two harps.”

Camilla and Kennerly took Led Zeppelin’s classic rock “Stairway to Heaven” to their harps. They did not create their own unique version, but played the song on their harps in the original version. It seems almost impossible for “Stairway to Heaven” to be played on harps and sound the same, but these two professionals do it beautifully.

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