Twin brothers marry twin sisters and their sons are now brothers and cousins…

This is definitely one unique family! Have you ever wondered what happens if identical twins fall in love with another group of identical twins? What if they both have children? Will they be considered cousins ​​or sisters? Maybe a bit of both, don’t you think? Brittany and Briana, 35, decided to attend the Twins Days Festival last year in Twinsburg, Ohio.

They had fun and got to know other twins. Then they saw 37-year-old Josh and Jeremy Salyers at the festival and thought they were very beautiful. Soon Josh fell in love with Brittany, and Jeremy fell in love with Briana. This is something you don’t see every day. They also admitted that they are close to each other and enjoy their hobbies as siblings. A year later, the Salyers twins proposed to two beautiful sisters, and soon on August 5, 2018, they played a double wedding. Two beautiful couples decided to live in the same house in Virginia. They often posted pictures on their Instagram account. Two couples wear the same clothes, making it difficult for others to tell who is who.

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