Twin Babies Talking in a Laundry Basket…

Mom caught her twins having a funny conversation in the laundry basket. Babies seem to have their own language, but that doesn’t make them any less delightful to listen to. 18-month-old twins Stella and Laila were caught on camera as their mom had a “brief meeting in the laundry basket to discuss socks.” This has to be one of the cutest conversations ever! Share this cute baby video with your family and friends!

Twins have bond before birth. 3D ultrasound images of twins in the womb have shown that the fetuses are intentionally reaching out to each other and stroking each other as early as 18 weeks of age. If you have twins, try to remember their prenatal friendship the next time they pull each other’s hair. Yes, the twins fight, but they also seem to be programmed to bond.

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