TWIN BABIES FIRST INTERACTION! It’s incredibly beautiful…

Parents and teachers are very concerned about twins and twin relationships. While there are some useful guidelines for dealing with such issues, I would argue that most decisions should be made on a case-by-case basis. Gemini, in their own way, tends to signal to parents and others what is best for them. This leads to the question: When do twins first become aware of each other? It is likely that twins become aware of each other earlier than seven or eight months of age.

An article by the late physician T. Berry Brazelton noted that at the age of three to four months, an identical twin girl in infancy seemed disoriented when her sister was carried out of the room. When this happened, she stopped moving or eating when she heard her sister’s voice (Brazelton, 1980). Studies show that infants show social interest in each other as early as six months of age, but it has been shown that twins may show this even earlier (Brownell and Brown, 1992; Ackerman and Peterman, 2001).

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TWIN BABIES FIRST INTERACTION! It’s incredibly beautiful…
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