Trinity Thomas owns the floor and scores “Perfect 10” from judges… 🎥VIDEO

Her flips are so high that you can literally walk under her. Gymnast Trinity Thomas achieved the seventh perfect score of 10.0 on floor exercise of the year. She flawlessly finishes her gymnastic season during the NCAA championship.

It was Saturday when Thomas was rocking her freestyle as she represented Florida in the NCAA Finals. Her amazing performance led to a perfect 10.0 for Friday’s semi-finals. Trinity followed suit with another perfect finish in the final. She is incredible. The announcers knew Thomas would get a perfect 10. Trinity landed well in all her somersaults and she was on the beat without missing a beat in her performance. This lady was in the zone!

As the numbers show, Thomas had a pretty successful week. She became the all-time NCAA individual champion and also became the floor and uneven bars champion after hitting 39.8125, 10.0, and 9.9750 respectively in the team semifinals.

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Trinity Thomas owns the floor and scores “Perfect 10” from judges… 🎥VIDEO
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