Toddler gives her mother wise marriage advice

It is common for children to have unique and unusual perspectives on adult life. One of the children, in particular, does not like when parents fight with each other. His name is Tienna, and he is a beautiful and different child who advises him part-time.

He sits on the stairs and talks to his mother. “Mom, are you ready to be her best friend?” Tienna just wants everything to go smoothly and peacefully, so she says the following sentence: “I want everything to be low”, while gesturing with her hands to show things what level she wants.

Tienna continued to give advice, saying: “I do not want you and my father to be replaced and reappointed.” He particularly explains his logic and he says․

The little one, who is dressed in conditions, also made a speech. Tienna says to her mother. I think you can definitely adjust the heights between you a little bit to short heights, while you are going to show gestures again so that you can add visual aids to the performance.

During the speech, he began to deviate from the more common conversation like a child, who told his mother that in the future everyone could become a monster. Then he confessed that he was very afraid that the monsters might take them by the hand, eat us and take our place.

In any case, he was able to make a valid conclusion to his argument, and his mother thanked him and asked Tienna to hug him. They both hugged, and the mother said. Tienna answers.

It’s one of the most beautiful and wonderful things you can ever see in your life. Children can be so innocent and at the same time very wise. Tienna prepares a skillful argument for a young child. His emotional request will surely help the family to become more conscious and strong.

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