This kids amazed with their Latino dance!!!

Today it is fashionable to entertain children with all sorts of entertainments: and the sooner the better. And demand creates supply. In big cities there are many activities such as “baby dancing” for very young children (from 2 years old). But in fact, dance classes for children 2-4 years old are not really dances, but rather general developmental (physical development) classes. Kids of this age are offered a warm-up warm-up with simple gymnastic exercises, more like exercises, games to develop a sense of rhythm, coordination, imagination and fantasy, they learn simple movements with children, put on a small dance.

If the child attends kindergarten, then there is no need for such additional classes, since the preschool curriculum includes a rhythm course. For home children, such lessons will be useful in terms of socialization and general psychophysical stress. For general development, combined classes are possible (game-rhythm-plasticity-dancing) from 3 years old, and for further choreographic education, the starting age will be at least 4 (usually 6) years.

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