This is an absolutely fantastic version of this song…

William Joseph Schwartz III, better known as William Joseph, is an American pianist and musician from Phoenix, Arizona. He has released three studio albums: Within (2004), Beyond (2008) and Be Still (2012). At the age of 8, Joseph won a full music scholarship provided by Boys Clubs of America, allowing him to study piano with Russian pianist Stella Saperstein. Joseph is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was the first teacher hired by the Piano Warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona and taught at Arizona Music Lessons, later renamed the Arizona Academy of Music, where he still spends short periods of study.

In 2003, Joseph was performing at a hometown charity event and ran into David Foster, for whom he was playing. Foster was impressed and the two began collaborating, eventually writing several songs together that appeared in 2004 on Within, Joseph’s major label debut. By this time, Joseph was signed to Foster’s 143 Records, a subsidiary label of Reprise Records and Warner Bros. records. In August and September 2004, Joseph was the opening act for Josh Groban on the “Closer Tour” which covered 12 cities in the US and Canada and performed 16 shows. In November and December 2005, Joseph was the opening act for Clay Aiken’s “Joyful Noise Tour”, which covered 36 cities in the US and Canada, playing 40 shows.

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This is an absolutely fantastic version of this song…
Old, but gold. The audience can’t stop laughing at Carol Burnett’s glam girl-band!!!