This is a real fantastic show!!! The cleverest dogs ever…

This is a real fantastic show!!! The cleverest dogs ever… Wolfgang Lauenburger was the dog in the A Fuz GT season. He was eliminated in a mop round. Wolfgang Lauenburger’s audition for Episode A05 consisted of dogs performing tricks such as jumping through hoops and top hats, creating a conga line, and a dog climbing a tower and jumping into Wolfgang’s arms. Fuz, Ace and Spinach voted yes, sending Wolfgang to the Mop round.

Minstrelli is a unique performance of dogs. Professional circus artists, animal trainers in the third generation. The stars of the show are funny poodles. Each dog has its own unique role in the exhibition, where each can show their special character and artistic talent. Training is based on the humane treatment of dogs. The entire success of the performance was achieved thanks to a deep knowledge of zoopsychology, without any violence or stress towards animals. The dogs are more than happy to show their talents in the show. Circus dog show Minestrelli are laureates and prize-winners of many international circus festivals.

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