This family of Irish traditional musicians will amaze you!!!

This family of Irish traditional musicians will amaze you. The Maguires are an incredible young family band from County Wicklow who will amaze you with their musical talents. Irish traditional family The Maguires “combine youthful energy and musical maturity”. The Maguires, a four-piece family band from County Wicklow, consisting of Emma Maguire (violin, flute, concertina, piano), Aoife Maguire (concertina, bagpipes), Sean Maguire (bodhran) and Philip Maguire (guitar). for more than three years they have been impressing the public with their unsurpassed talents. In December 2016, The Maguires released their debut album of traditional Irish music, Little Giants and Other Oxymorons. The band members wrote six of the eleven tracks on it.

Although The Maguires are a traditional Irish band, they describe themselves as “a mixture of youthful energy and musical maturity”, taking some of their favorite traditional melodies and adding more modern ones, adding syncopated, infectious rhythms to the mix. The Maguires won fans around the world after performing on The Ray D’Arcy Show in Ireland in May 2016 in front of an estimated half a million viewers. The video below was filmed as The Maguires released their debut album at the Temple Bar Trad Fest. Emma, ​​Aoife and Philip Maguire joke and smile as Sean warms up the crowd for their grand entrance.

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