They kept their pregnancy a secret. And now the couple gave their families quite the early Christmas surprise… 🎥VIDEO

Ben and Hannah Hinders didn’t think they could surprise 10 months until they finally saw the stunned faces of one family member after another. The couple, who are originally from the East Coast but live in Kailua, Hawaii, gave their loved ones an early Christmas surprise last month when they came to visit family with their newborn baby girl.

No one knew that the baby would be born, because Hannah’s pregnancy was kept a secret. “It wasn’t easy,” Ben Hinders, 27, told TODAY. “My wife was the champion of the whole process, that’s for sure.” Hannah, 27, gave birth to Ivy Elizabeth on September 2. Two months later, the couple traveled to see Ben’s family in Virginia and Hanna’s family in Florida. They filmed the shocked reactions as one person after another met Ivy for the first time. The couple hatched the idea after watching a video of the surprise adoption while on a road trip with friends.

“My wife was like, ‘Wouldn’t it be crazy if we had a baby and didn’t say anything to anyone and then just showed up on their doorstep?'” Hinders said. insane.”’ After learning that Hannah was pregnant the day before their first wedding anniversary, the couple limited their social media posts to beautiful scenery from Hawaii and pictures of Hannah that didn’t show her belly.

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