These Adorable Twin Baby Boys Can’t Stop Giggling, And We’re Tempted To Join Them

Sometimes all it takes to turn a day around is to hear a baby’s giggle. Their unaffected joy triggers a unique response in our brains, and usually, we can’t help but smile or laugh right back at them.

Whether it’s because of natural selection or psychology, the true reason we find babies so precious might be the simple fact that their joy comes from a completely innocent and pure place – there are no hidden meanings or messages to interpret when dealing with an infant.

Usually, it doesn’t take much to make a baby giggle – resorting to a tried and true game of peek-a-boo or simply making a silly face is guaranteed to earn you a slobbery grin. And when another baby is in on it, as documented in this video, the results are almost too cute to handle.

Placed face to face in their crib, twin boys Peyton and Brennan are learning a valuable new tool, calling and responding with another human. Aside from the brain development achievements going on, we simply love the fact that they are so darned cute.

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