There is something special when a child sees his father. Precious moments, babies react to daddy coming home… 🎥VIDEO

There is something special when a child sees his father. Have you ever noticed how excited they are? One video clearly shows this special connection. When one little boy saw his father coming home from work, it lit up his whole world. It was visible all over his face. It is often said that fathers help more these days.

This is a question we need to think about. When we say “help”, it means that we take on the responsibility of caring for the mother’s child. But in fact, there are active fathers and there are inactive fathers. This is not about helping the mother, but about the child. So how can a father bond with his child?

The bond between father and son is built by the fact that the father is present in the daily life of his child. So it’s good that now fathers are more willing to do it. Because 50 years ago, fathers were forbidden to participate in this. Fathers could not be present at the birth, they could not change the diaper. People said, “He won’t know how to do it.” Well, he’ll find a way.

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