The pure joy of this little lady is guaranteed to light up your day! Olivia let out the most hilarious belly laughs and then immediately took her first steps… 🎥VIDEO

The pure joy of this little lady is guaranteed to light up your day! The first step of a child is one of the most glorious moments in the world for parents. It’s one of those monumental parts of life that shows your child is really growing up, along with their first words, their first trip to prom, and finally, their first day of college.

Everything happens so fast, and while there are many challenges along the way, most parents will agree that it’s worth it. Back in 2016, an adorable little girl named Olivia took her first steps. Fortunately, this moment was captured on video, which was uploaded to YouTube in July of that year. It was so pure and precious that millions of people took notice and little Olivia went viral.

Olivia is seen on the carpet at home, playing with her sisters, four of whom are her age. They are all playing with their dolls and toys, just having a good time. Just another day in the land of babies! Surely none of them knew that Olivia was about to make a very wonderful, very first step. Olivia probably didn’t even know herself! The first step always takes parents by surprise, and this time was no exception.

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