The McKinney sisters filled the atmosphere with amazing harmonies…

Originally written by Robert Lowry in 1876, “Nothing But Blood” is one of the most popular praise songs of all time. When bluegrass band The McKinny Sisters performed it live, this classic gospel hymn received a modern twist. When they took the stage at Garden Community Church, the three sisters told the congregation that they enjoyed playing the old hymns. They do this when they are trying to get inspired to write their own original music.

The song begins slowly, with one sister leading while the other two harmonize. Soon the three pick up the pace and the song becomes groovy. With the lively tempo that the banjo brings, you can’t help but stomp your feet. Filled with amazing harmonies, the McKinney sisters truly show that the hard work of learning an old song pays off. There is no denying that these ladies are talented. Each of them can not only sing, but also play the instrument all three of them.

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