The dog that amazed the whole room. That was so impressive…

Românii au Talent (English: Romanians Got Talent) is a television show that began airing on February 18, 2011. The project is a Romanian version of the Got Talent franchise, developed by Simco Limited. The show is hosted by Smiley and Pavel Bartos, and the opening jury included presenter Andi Moisescu, singer Andra and dancer Mihai Petre; after Petre’s elimination from the fifth season, TV presenter Mihaela Rădulescu and actor Florin Călinescu joined the group. The winner of “Românii au Talent” receives 120,000 euros. Auditions are held in front of judges and a live audience in various cities in Romania and Moldova.

Unlike The X Factor, at any point during the audition, the judges can express disapproval of the performance by pressing the buzzer that lights up the big red “X” sign on stage, indicating that they particularly dislike the performance and don’t want the performance continued. . If all judges press their buzzers, the action must be stopped immediately. After listening, the judges must reduce the almost 200 successful actions to 48 (in series 1), 60 (in series 2-6) or 50 (starting in series 7). All performers are called back to see if they made it to the live semi-finals.

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The dog that amazed the whole room. That was so impressive…
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