The dog refused to leave mom’s pregnant belly. Doctors remained stunned by what they discovered in the hospital…

Alanna Butler, 21, and her husband Ricky, 25, live in Doncaster, South Yorkshire with their son Lincoln and dog Keola. And if not for Keola, their American Akita dog, Alhanna and their son might not be alive today. When Alhanna was pregnant with Lincoln, she began to experience severe lower back pain.

She went to the hospital and the doctors told her there was nothing to worry about. They said it was a side effect of the pregnancy and that she had nothing to worry about. So Alanna returned home and continued her normal life. But she knew that something was wrong with her body. And she wasn’t the only one, Keola felt the same way.

Akita dog began to behave strangely at home. Sometimes she just sat down in front of Alhanna and just looked at her, other times she stayed close to her mistress and got nervous when Alanna left the house. Alhanna had never seen such behavior in her beloved dog. Things got even more serious when Keola lightly pushed Alhanna in the stomach and cried non-stop. In the end, Alhanna obeyed her dog and returned to the hospital.

“My mother called and said: “Listen to your dog, she is trying to tell you something,” Elkhana said. Returning to the hospital, Alhanna was carefully examined, and after the tests, she was immediately transferred to intensive care. It was revealed that Alhanna suffered from a rare double kidney infection.

She also suffered from an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that was killing her from the inside out. The doctors told her that if they lived a few weeks without treatment, she would probably die. And then for two weeks she fought for her life in the hospital, where doctors did everything possible to save her and the baby in her stomach.

Doctors had to create new antibiotics in the lab, specifically designed for the infection that Alhanna had. In the end, fortunately, she was saved, and her birth went according to plan. Her son Lincoln was born without complications.

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