The crowd’s reaction speaks about the splendid performance of the group… 🎥VIDEO

Tinikling is best known among bamboo dances and is often referred to as the national dance of the Philippines. There is more than one myth about its origin. One version refers to the times of colonialism. Workers who were not fast enough had to endure harsh punishments. One of these punishments was to beat workers on the legs with spiked bamboo. They tried to dodge the sticks by jumping and jumping.

The Tinikling most likely originated earlier, like most bamboo dances around the world. The word Tinicling refers to the tawny striped railroad (Gallirallus philippensis) called the Tinikling in the Philippines. Tinikling means “like Tickling”. He describes the fast, hopping movement of a bird that walks rather than flies. Another myth tells the story of a lazy little boy who had to keep birds from eating seeds on his parents’ farm.

He tried to scare them away by hitting each other with two bamboo sticks. But the birds danced and quickly jumped between the branches. When he told his family about what had happened, they did not believe him about the story of the dancing birds. So he showed them the Tinicling.

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