The couple who kept one of their twins a secret from his grandparents shared the brilliant moment when they surprised them…

The couple shared a hilarious moment when they surprised their parents with a ‘secret twin’. Tom and Brianna Shircliffe, from Kentucky, who were already parents to four-year-old Gavin and three-year-old Briella Rose, hid the fact that they were having twins from friends and family. The couple captured Tom’s mum Martha’s hilarious reaction to their second child on video as he casually walked into the living room, where his parents were already seated with their first twin, their daughter Brinkley. “That’s a real baby!” she exclaims, and when she learns that he is her grandson named Leo, she adds: “Are you kidding? Does anyone know this? Oh my God!”

Brinkley Hope and Ace Leo were born on June 13th and Tom’s wish to have twins became a reality. He said: “In 2019, we lost our baby boy at about 5 months pregnant. “While it was the worst day of our lives, we never lost ‘hope’ to continually try to expand our family. “I have no doubt that our little one in Heaven looked after us every day and played a part in our blessing of the twins this year!” He added: “To top it all off, while some family members and friends knew that Brianna Shircliffe was pregnant, none of them knew it was going to be twins.

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