The best surprise ever!!! A New Puppy for Christmas…

Who can’t resist wanting your kids or someone special to wake up with a new puppy on Christmas morning? They look so cute and it’s such an exciting time to surprise someone with a warm fluffy puppy. But after a few weeks, you can have puppy chaos. According to Google, the clear trend line in searches for “dog training” and “puppy training” almost doubles in the two days immediately after Christmas.

The reason is that potential dog owners don’t research the pros and cons of getting a new furry supplement. The first few days with a new puppy can be extremely exciting and full of joy for everyone involved, but the newness of the dog will soon kick in. Pets require a lot of work. They take a lot of time, money and energy. They also don’t stay tiny, fluffy, babies forever. More often than not, children who receive pets as Christmas gifts do not understand the responsibility that comes with them. This responsibility then falls on the already employed parents. It’s hard to resist the charm of these scenes, as children and adults burst into happy tears at the sight of an adorable puppy wearing a big birthday bow. Soon this cute fluffy lump will start barking, pooping and chewing off his nose, and the realities of a new parenthood of pets have come.

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