Teen Comedian with Cerebral Palsy Steps on Stage and Instantly Has Everyone Laughing.

Eva Abley, a 14-year-old comedian with cerebral palsy, performs an amazing stand-up comedy routine on Britain’s Got Talent that has both the crowd and judges in stitches! At the start of this video, a dynamic young woman named Eva Abley, who is only 14, comes on the stage confidently, introducing herself to the crowd.

Eva begins by apologizing if the audience cannot understand her. She says she has Cerebral Palsy and makes jokes about being from a certain part of the country. Eva suggests to re-watch her performance with subtitles when they get home, and the crowd laughs. 

The teen then gets everyone giggling when she says her complete diagnosis. She tells them that she has enough trouble getting Alexa to answer her questions than trying to say the name of her own diagnosis.

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