Sweet Doberman comforts baby by sharing his favorite toys with him

We all know that dogs are known and considered as a dog’s best friend almost throughout life. Met a gentleman named Tommy in Crawley (England, Great Britain) who reinforces that idea. This beautiful doggo considered himself the best friend of the little child.

Doberman Pinscher dogs are particularly known for their strength and courage and often struggle with efficiency, which some may find surprising. But Dobermans are still dogs at heart, and like all dogs, they have great love for people.

It is already evident that Tommy brings all his favorite toys to the owner’s child. But, of course, he was never able to get an education. He just did it because he thought that toys can make a child happy to some extent. Such a sweet and amazing gesture!

Of course, given the nature and nature of dogs, it’s entirely possible that he’s just trying to get the kid to throw the ball away just like his owner does. Then we can conclude that they are very good and close friends.

However, Tommy’s kind gesture is not a coincidence to everyone. As you can clearly see in the video, his tail has not been cut yet. It is cruel, but at the same time common occurrence to cut off the tail of a dobie. The Lord is obviously kind and positive toward Tommy. Tommy, in turn, is kind and faithful to everyone.

According to Tommy’s owner, he was taught to mostly stay indoors, swim and play with other dogs. It is clear that he has a special zone in the house to stay there. With such an intelligent partner, the little one can definitely have an amazing and very interesting childhood.

All this clearly indicates how kindness is reciprocated throughout the animal world. The master was kind and caring towards the dog, and the dog in turn was kind and loyal towards him. It seemed so simple and obvious.

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Sweet Doberman comforts baby by sharing his favorite toys with him
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