Sweat and energetic voice!!! She is just amazing…

Lucy Thomas is a British singer who is only 16 years old. At the moment she is a popular blogger on the YouTube platform, and most recently she was sent a silver button. She uploaded her first video 5 years ago. At the moment, she has 175 thousand subscribers on YouTube and more than 11 thousand on Instagram. Her videos are getting millions of views and rave reviews from people. She registered the channel in 2011 on November 1. She published her first video 5 years ago, and it gained 200 thousand views, and in total the channel was watched 16 million times.

Lucy Thomas has not spoken about herself anywhere yet, so there is little information about her on the Internet. It is known that she is 16 years old and she is from Britain. Throughout her life, she managed to take part in various events, for example, in 2018 she took part in the “Voice of Children”, and then she began to collaborate with Cavendish Records. She released her first album titled “Premiere” in 2019. And the second one is already in 2020 under the name “Encore”. Every day the number of her subscribers is growing, you can see that up to this point her popularity has grown for a very long time.

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Sweat and energetic voice!!! She is just amazing…
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