Surprise homecoming for grandparents. They meet their grandson for the first time…

The vast majority of grandparents adore their grandchildren. They forgive the kids all the pranks, indulge excessively and, unlike strict parents, absolutely do not require discipline. We remember their love with warmth, but we do not know how happy they were when we were just brought from the hospital. Their happiness is simply beyond words!

Parents of modern children have to work hard. They are always in a hurry, somewhere in a hurry. Grandparents help to devote more time to communication with the child. They can help a young mother with housework so that she can devote more time to her child. Or they themselves are engaged with the baby while the parents work. Emotional warmth. Grandparents rush somewhere less than their parents, so they practically do not refuse the child in his requests to play or go somewhere. Ancestors more often agree with the opinion of the child, try to please him, please him, make him pleasant, sometimes pamper him. Children feel the warmth of the attitude towards them, disinterestedness, the absence of any calculation. They trust their grandmother, often share their secrets and inner thoughts with her.

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