Such a joy to watch these identical darlings. How adorable they are…

Turns out we’re not the only ones who are crazy about the package of mini marshmallows. These two adorable twins, Adeline and Sarah, share their passion for marshmallows, and they couldn’t be cuter! Look at the look on their faces when they eat too many marshmallows at once. Little moments are what make incredible memories for a parent or caregiver. This YouTube video shows how a child discovers a new favorite treat.

The process of gaining individuality in twins is more difficult than in single-born children. If a single-born baby develops a close attachment only to his mother, then a twin baby immediately develops two such attachments: to his mother and to his co-twin. Therefore, the twins face a more difficult task: to learn to perceive themselves not only as separate from their mother, but also from their co-twin. The formation of the individuality of each of the children can be difficult if the family and surrounding people treat the twins as a single whole, emphasize their similarity too much and believe that it is not at all necessary to pay attention to each of them individually. It is very important for parents of twins to avoid this behavior, as it maintains and strengthens the emotional bond between the children. Pairs of such girls often from early childhood tend to attract the attention of others and enjoy the effect produced by their similarity. They strive to be on good terms with both parents, although one may be closer to the mother and the other to the father. And surprisingly, each of the parents finds a resemblance to a daughter closer to him with the absolute genetic identity of the girls. The girl group is usually very strong, and it is often difficult for parents to cope with them.

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