Simon Cowell breaks down in TEARS as ‘Nightbirde’ returns to AGT…

Her golden buzzer performance has been viewed over 200 million times, but Nightbirde, who sadly had to drop out of the competition due to her treatment, returned to say hello to the world at the start of the “live performance”. show results.”

Nightbirde, whose name is Jane Marchevsky, is battling aggressive cancer. She was given a 2% chance of life, or a period of about six months. She decided to live life to the fullest and fulfill one of her biggest dreams by sharing her music and poetry with the world.

Her song “It’s All Right” is the story of her battle with cancer and the last year of her life. During her audition, she explained to the judges that she was fine, but clarified that she had cancer of her spine, lungs, and liver. As a rule, this indicates an advanced stage of cancer.

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