She’s just amazingly talented singer…

Angelina Jordan – Norwegian singer, jazz performer, author of books for children, actress. Angelina Jordan had a small role in the latest episode of Lillehammer (titled “Loose Ends”), an American-Norwegian television series about an elderly gangster from New York who turns in his police boss and is forced to move to a small town in the east under a witness protection program. Norway: She played a girl singing in a bar in the film.

In December 2014, she released her first three-song mini-album (Silent Night, White Christmas, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus). Currently, based on this album, he is working on his first full-length album. In April 2016, she performed on the television talent show Little Big Shots. (NBC). In 2016, Angelina Jordan launched her own YouTube channel. In May 2016, she performed in New York at a concert organized by the Rainforest Alliance at the American Museum of Natural History, in Los Angeles in the presence of fourteen American astronauts at a fundraiser for the Museum of Space in California, and also at a concert benefiting Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. The singer also performed at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival (English) Russian. along with popular American jazz singer Melody Gardo.

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