She grew up in the wild when only animals were her friends. These pictures are just insane!

Her best friend was a tiger and her ‘brother’ was an elephant.

French actress Tippi Degre, the daughter of two nature photographers who were based in Namibia, had a very special childhood. After you see these pictures you will understand why she got the nickname ‘Real life moglee’.

Born in 1990, Tippi grew up in the savannah of Africa until the age of 10 along with her parents Sylvie Rover and Alan Degre.

«These were magical times, being free in nature with our girl», Sylvie told the Telegraph.

Although it does not look like that from the photos, Tippi’s parents kept her safe.

«Many farmers in the area took care of the orphaned animals and we were used to them being near us. They became almost tame and used to humans and that’s why Tippi could be so close to them.»

Tippi’s parents are professional photographers and you can see it in the spectacular pictures.

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