Schoolgirl Gets A Big Surprise At The Airport Piano!!!

One day, when a schoolgirl was stuck at the airport, she noticed a free piano that had a small sign that said “Play me”. She came up and quite beautifully played the classic song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which, probably, both she and the passers-by liked! But then two pilots noticed the piano and decided that they also wanted to play … When the pilots approached the piano, the teenager looked up and realized that they, too, were waiting for a turn. The two men put their bags on the floor and began to play a cheerful duet. However, the schoolgirl didn’t just take her things and run away! Crossing her arms, she watched the pilots play, moving around them as if assessing their skills. She gave them a few good hard looks and then mapped out a plan of action. She decided to take action…

After the teenager noticed the open section of keys on the right side of the piano, she rightfully squeezed herself in and began to play along. All of a sudden they became a rock and roll trio and started to really jam together. The strangers couldn’t help but stop and watch the unlikely group. They are really quite amazing! It comes as no surprise to many that one of the pilots is actually professional pianist Brendan Cavanagh in disguise. He loves to dress up as others and surprise people with his performances in public places. This is a fun and impressive performance that you really should see for yourself!

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Schoolgirl Gets A Big Surprise At The Airport Piano!!!
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