Police Officer’s Cries Of Joy As Wife Reveals She’s Pregnant After Trying For 3 Years

A heartwarming video shows a police officer’s emotional reaction when his wife reveals she’s pregnant.

Police officers may look tough from the outside but can be really soft and mushy inside just like this cop. Have a look at his reaction and see how emotional he becomes when he gets to know he’s going to become a dad after 3 years.

His wife said that he’s a great husband and she knew that he would be a very good dad too. Becoming a dad and mom is a great achievement and we all pray and wish these to-be parents all the very best in their new journey of life.

As we near Good Friday we are reminded of the love of a Father towards His children that He gave up His most precious Son so that He could gain many sons and daughters.

May we parents love our children and care for them just like our heavenly dad does for us. He is the epitome of love and sacrifice.

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