One of the most expressive voices ever…

Connie Talbot is a British singer. Her full name is Connie Victoria Elizabeth Talbot. She gained worldwide fame as a participant in the British talent competition (Britain’s Got Talent), which had an audience of 12 million viewers. She lost the competition to 37-year-old Paul Potts, who, for winning the Britain’s Got Talent program, received a contract from Sony BMG for one million pounds and was honored to sing in front of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

Dozens of videos with her speeches and interviews are posted on the Internet. She has released four music albums. These are Over the Rainbow (2007), Connie Talbot’s Christmas Album (2008), Holiday Magic (2010), Beautiful World (2012). Her songs are recorded on all known magnetic media, including SlotMusic Format. She is infatuated with the film The Wizard of Oz. Without taking a single singing lesson, the girl imitated the movie character Judy Garland, who played the role of Dorothy Gale in this film.

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One of the most expressive voices ever…
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